Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

the 5th song - "running away"

The last two days peter spent some time working on a song that is also provided to get on the Buzzies EP. it´s called "running away". christopher suggested he´d like to have a nice piano line to help the song to get a more interesting feeling. so peter tried out some melodies and put something together of what he thinks that could work in the end. the funny thing is that once you put some new sounds to a song you get hundreds of new ideas what else you could change to get closer to the focus of what the basic idea of the song demands. so it was essential to work also on a new bassline. it´s always challenging to create a total new bass line but the more serious problem for the Buzzies is to find a basssound that is not too sloppy (in the picture you see peter with his old oakland bass). you gotta know that the buzzies doesn´t work in a professionell soundstudio - they just got a homerecording studio, some cheap microphones, some guitars, some nice amps and a computer. it took peter half a day to create, record and make the basics setting in the mix for that new bass figure. at the end of the day it rocks but as always it isn´t sure if this will be the version that will make it to the final mix.