Samstag, 25. August 2012

last steps..

We´re back from summer holidays that were great. after more than two years with a lot of forwards and backwards, a lot of starting all over again we finally finished mixing the songs that we want to be on the EP. we discussed to release five songs but in the end we decided to let one of them out because this one doesn´t feels right in the context with the other song - maybe we should find another approach for that song for later times. but now we´re very happy with the four songs we got. so this is the track list of the forthcoming EP: - "Running Away" - "Before I Stop" - "We Change" - "Only When You Know" not necessarily in this order. what are the next steps? Next week we will visit the studio Soundsolution1 to get the final master done. to say it in simple words: mastering makes sure that the mixed songs will sound as good as the original mix on every different unit that the listener might use for hearing music - if it´s just a little mono-radio, a disco PA, the earphones of your mp3 player or whatever. so this is an important step an we can´t do it in our own homestudio because you got to have some very special and expensive equipment to get a good master done. also a master is necessary for the CD pressing plant.