Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

lazy sunday

Today we wanna start bloggin´ here just to share our feelings, troubles and joy about recording and mixing a few songs for releasing them to the public. we started another blog on but this one is just readable if you create yourself an account and not everybody likes the idea of having another account.

Ok, how do we feel today? slowly a feeling of relaxing is coming up because it seems that those four to five songideas that we planned to release them someday are gettin´ in a status of being finished within a few weeks. that´s a little bit like a wonder to us because we´re working since two or three years on those songideas. so as we wrote on reverbnation: why did it take so long to get a handful of songideas in the right shape? well, just to make it short: we´ve been going through some personal changes during the whole process of producing. also we moved from one recording room to another and the first one just sounded bad so we had to rerecord and remix all the stuff that we had done. 

Well, time is just a relatively matter - so who cares...? ah, by the way: below our mixing room...

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